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WHat's to know

Find out what's going on at the salon and any other special events that we take part in. We value family  ethics as we grow bigger we welcome everyone to join us. Get to know us down below.


Our Family

Arielle H.


I am the owner operator of Crayon Salon. I have been licensed since 2007. I love creations of all sorts I am an artist at heart. I absolutely love working with children's hair although I do offer chemical services, colors, styling, braiding, maintenance, healthy hair, custom wigs/ extensions and more.  Patience is key with me.

Barbara B. 


Ms. Barbara is the salon matriarch. With 35 years of experience, Ms. Barbara's years of wisdom are shared with everyone. She offers chemical and curl services. Ms. Barbara is the creator of 3 Strands Hair product line. She is also our Notary Public.

Deborah (Soni)


Deborah is a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in unit installations. Each unit she makes is hand stitched with care for quality wear. 

Ritisha H.

Licensed Massage Therapist

I operate the spa side of this wonderful establishment. I went to school for massage therapy after receiving my B.S. in Resort and Hospitality Management. Each massage service is customized to cater to the specific needs of each client. No matter your profession or workout regimen, I have the hands to help heal your body. I have a passion for helping people feel better, which is why I love being a massage therapist.

Darian (Dee)

Esthetician/ Makeup Artist

From a young age, I have always had a creative streak and affinity for the arts. I would practice makeup by playing with different colors and creating different "looks" for fun. Eventually, I realized that I found doing makeup on other more rewarding than doing it on myself. I decided to pursue a career in the industry and knew that getting licensed was the first step. I learned things in school about skincare and what it meant to be an esthetician. It is now my passion to both show women how makeup can be a fun tool to enhance beauty but also how to give your skin the TLC it deserves. I look forward to working with you!

Ronesea (Shae)

Hair Braider

Bio coming soon!

Tasha (TashLo Galore)

Nail Tech

As a mother of 5 and the wife of a Veteran, being an artist, I always knew that becoming a nail tech was another talent I would flourish in. Being able to express myself in my work with many different forms of art and being me at all times, is why I love being a nail tech.